Visual Arts

Interdisciplinary visual artworks, common mediums include collage, printmaking, drawing

Neither No(u)r

Digital Collage Series

Collage created out of the pictures from Almost Minyan, the ritual and print piece

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picture of the prints post-ritual

Almost Minyan

Mourning Ritual and Print Series

Physically and socially distanced, emotionally close mourning of racial violence by challenging tradition.

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Collection of the central works of Evil Women, including the paper-schnit, the illustration-prose, and the end-pages

Evil Women

Jewish De-Translation Portraits

De-translating women of biblical canon who are understood to be evil through Christian dis-translation.

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Preparing the Sacrifice

Stone Lithograph Print on Pre-printed Substrate

Series exploring dis-translation relative to colonizer-colonized hegemony by transposition

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Mixed-Media Illustration

Immersive portrait showcasing the power of youth, imagination, and determination for a better world

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