Preparing the Sacrifice

Stone Lithograph Print on Pre-printed Substrate
February-March 2019

Edition of six stone lithography prints exploring dis-translation relative to colonizer-colonized hegemony by transposition of a ram onto pre-printed substrates of western imagery.

In Christian hegemony the ram is often associated with the devil, evil incarnate in the form of Baphomet, one of many decisions by Christian dominant-culture to construct Jewish, Pagan, and other non-Christian practices as a-moral as justification for the violence of colonization and pogroms. In Judaism and all traditional Abrahamic practices (if we remember!), the Ram is a symbol of sacrifice, devotion, and faith.

The edition of six was printed for Intro to Lithography taught by Diyan Achjadi at ECUAD

Print 1 of 6 of Preparing the Sacrifice