Neither No(u)r

Digital Collage Series Inkjet Prints
August 2020

Over the past few years, and intensely, emphatically so in the past months since George Floyd’s murder I have been feeling paralyzed spiritually, unable to mourn this loss in the ways I was raised with knowing since we are distant from each other, in far more ways than just physically. Almost all these rituals must be done with ten people, sometimes I feel like I have many more than that mourning with me, sometimes a lot less.

Most traditions which I can do myself have to do with light. For the first time in almost a decade I light a y’artziet candle, not unlike many mourning traditions in various communities and cultures. A small, white, lit candle which signals the household is mourning is put in the window, half question half declaration.

The entire series and full artist’s statement can be viewed on the PomoArts Art 4 Life exhibition page and for purchase inquiries please reach out

This series was assembled with photos of a ritual in the print series Almost Minyan and was featured in the exhibition Art 4 Life with PomoArts (September – November 2020)

Aleph from the Neither No(u)r series